WP 1: Providing a European basis for mutual recognition
Lead: IVL, Sweden

In order to ensure best practice for all aspects of a European ETV system in an international context, several specific objectives of WP 1 are:

  • Support, integrate and coordinate previous and on-going European RTD efforts
  • Support the ongoing process from research on a European ETV to political and practical implementation of an internationally recognised system by undertaking activities to raise awareness all over Europe and to help build up a platform for stakeholder involvement
  • To support the elaboration of a consolidated European position on best practice for ETV as input for the mutual recognition and international harmonisation activities

WP 2: International framework for mutual recognition
Lead: DECHEMA e.V., Germany

The overall objective of WP 2 is to establish a framework for international cooperation and mutual recognition. To reach this aim three sub-objectives are defined:

  • Supporting the International ETV actors in developing a framework for international cooperation
  • Elaborating a framework for mutual recognition by collecting and integrating international perspectives for mutual recognition
  • Coordinate RTD efforts by elaborating a RTD roadmap for international cooperation and mutual recognition

WP 3: Coordination of requirements for co-verification and joint verification
Lead: DHI, Denmark

The overall objective of WP 3 is to support mutual recognition between ETV systems through coordination of the requirements for future verifications to be done in cooperation between the ETV systems operating at a global scale. To reach this aim, three sub-objectives are defined:

  • Preparation of draft protocols for joint verification and co-verification.
  • Use of the draft protocols in workshop based case verifications to identify conformities and differences
  • Revision and acceptance of final joint verification and co-verification protocols

WP 4: Developing a framework for international harmonisation
Lead: UK Environment Agency, UK

The objectives of WP 4 are to:

  • Capitalise on international experience in ETV, type-approval schemes and certification and to produce a framework document which would provide the basis for an ISO / CEN standardisation procedure for a common international verification scheme with unified testing and verification.
  • Provide the basis for international cooperation, standardisation and mutual recognition.

WP 5: Communication, dissemination and knowledge management
Lead: DECHEMA e.V., Germany

For WP 5 the objectives are:

  • Raising awareness worldwide and stimulating interest of vendors for internationally recognised verification
  • To provide a consolidation platform by the means of workshops and conferences for an incremental consolidation of an international framework for cooperation and mutual recognition

WP 6: Project management
Lead: DECHEMA e.V., Germany