Stakeholder consultations done by ETV activities so far revealed that recognition of a European ETV system beyond the EU is a key issue for many vendors and technology developers.

Based on that fact the following two main objectives of Advance ETV are:

(1) Support the development of a EU ETV-system and its implementation

AdvanceETV will address this target through four sub-objectives:

  • Coordination, integration and dissemination of the results and knowledge of previous European projects and activities.
  • Support the process from research to a European ETV system and to support best practice through the project activities.
  • Integration and coordination of the European ETV system with existing and fully operating technology verification systems outside the EU.
  • Establishment of efficient, interactive communication for enhancing international exchange of knowledge and plans on ETV within the ETV community and with the stakeholders.
(2) Bringing forward the development of a framework for international cooperation and mutual recognition

In order to achieve this target the following sub-objectives were defined:
  • Preparation of a consensual framework for mutual recognition, e.g. by supporting international ETV activities by hosting of meetings. Further activities are the coordination of the international efforts towards a framework for mutual recognition through compilation, negotiation and integration of the requirements for recognition from the operating and emerging systems on an international scale.
  • Preparation of protocols for cooperation between ETV systems through co-verification and joint verification as platform for mutual recognition.
  • Development of a framework for further harmonisation, using the international framework of conformity assessment (standardisation).