What does technology verification mean?

Technology Verification means that technology performance data are checked by an authorized 3rd party using pre-specified technology verification protocols. A successful verification procedure delivers an additional proof that the technology performance claim of the technology developer is correct.



What is the difference between verification, certification, and standardisation?

Verification to establish or prove the truth of the performance of a technology under specific, predetermined criteria or protocols and adequate quality assurance procedures. (from US-EPA ETV)

Certification: Means the process of certifying that a certain product has passed performance and/or quality assurance  tests or qualification requirements stipulated in regulations such as a building code and nationally accredited test standards, or that it complies with a set of regulations governing quality and/or minimum performance requirements. (from Wikipedia)

Standardisation: The agreement on specifications and criteria to be applied consistently in the classification of materials, the manufacture of products and the provision of services. (from ISO page)


What is the benefit of an ETV system?

Technology vendors can more easily get acceptance for their technologies on a national level. Technology users have more security regarding the performance of new technologies.


What are the benefits of an ETV system on a European level?

With a European ETV procedure, technology vendors from one member state can more easily get authorization for their technologies in other EU member states (easy access to new markets!), and technology users have easier access to technologies from other member states.


Are there additional benefits for an ETV system?

The possibility of reduced requirements for the authorization of a new technology in other European member states or in other states may additionally stimulate an increase in new technology development. Finally, an ETV System may also serve as a basis for the design of quality assurance tools for the development process of new products.