Here you find several ETV related documents that can be downloaded:

1.563KB AdvanceETV Final Brochure
(incl. "Guide for proposers to the EU ETV Pilot Programme")


ETV Conference "Realising eco-innovations - the European Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) pilot programme and its international perspectives"
22nd-24th May 2012, Brussels / Belgium

ETV Conference "Helping eco-innovations to reach the market -
European and international perspectives on ETV"

24-26th May 2011, Brussels / Belgium

ETV Conference "Accelerating Eco-innovation through Environmental Technology Verification"
12-13th October 2009, Brussels / Belgium

1st Stakeholder Workshop "Providing the European basis for mutual recognition of ETV systems"
22nd September 2009, Brussels / Belgium

ETV Conference "Boosting Environmental Technologies by Verification"
15-16th September 2008, Brussels / Belgium

522KB AdvanceETV - Announcement of the 2nd stakeholder workshop
"Cross-cutting workshop on joint and co-verification"


Flyer and Newsletters

551KB AdvanceETV Flyer

673KB AdvanceETV Flyer on joint and co-verification

1.087KB 1st AdvanceETV Newsletter (March 2010)

434KB 2nd AdvanceETV Newsletter (September 2010)

573KB 3rd AdvanceETV Newsletter (April 2011)

483KB 4th AdvanceETV Newsletter (October 2011)


Other documents

457KB "Verify once, Accept Everywhere" (Article on ETV in "Water Canada", issue March/April 2012)

688KB Final joint verification roadmap

682KB Final co-verification roadmap

41KB Common glossary of PROMOTE, TESTNET, and EURODEMO
149KB EN 15267 - A new unified testing and approval scheme for automated measuring systems
by Richard Gould, Technical Advisor, Environment Agency (UK)
This reference includes also a possible model-framework for a flexible verification and type-approval scheme.